Ryan Hester—Founder

A Boilermaker born and raised, Ryan is a 23-year-old senior in Accounting at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. He’s close with his parents and two sisters, one older and one younger. An avid book reader, casual runner and amateur rock climber, Ryan is the founder of From His Roots. Other important facts include his obsession with college basketball, and his appreciation of every cup of coffee.




Angel Corado — Social Media Manager

Angel is originally from California and now runs a marketing agency in Indiana. He is passionate about helping people discover their fullest potential and bringing them joy along the way. He enjoys working out, reading a good book, volunteering, and finding ways to leave the world better than he found it.





Audie Kaufman—Contributor

Audie is a graduate of Wabash College with a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies and Classical Studies.He is currently pursuing a Masters in Dogmatic Theology at Holy Apostles College and Seminary. A Roman Rite Catholic by upbringing, he greatly appreciates the Extraordinary Form of the Mass, as well as, the Divine Liturgies of the Eastern Catholic Churches. His favorite beverage is Yuengling Traditional Lager.




Gordon Moore— Contributor

Gordon is an Adore Ministries missionary in HTX that serves the marginalized by walking alongside the community, sharing the Gospel, and growing in loving relationship with God and others. He serves Shrine of the True Cross youth in ministry & retreats and assists in Hurricane Harvey relief efforts in Dickinson. A simple man that can be particular with his coffee, he loves sharing a pint in good company, passing time with podcasts and D&D, and finding simple joys within community and the arts.


Kyle King— Contributor

Kyle King is the Youth Minister of St Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish in Richmond, Indiana and a theology teacher at Seton Catholic High School. He loves to study scripture and his BA is in Biblical Studies from Taylor University. Kyle became Catholic in 2012 after spending time leading ministries in evangelical churches. He loves to spend time with his wife and four children along with writing, hiking, gardening, and cooking.


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Luke Heffernan—Contributor

Luke is a management student at the University of Texas at Austin, with a determination to not let school get in the way of his education. He spends free time learning to write, play piano, and hangout at the University Catholic Center. Motivated by the changes Christ brings to his daily life, he is always looking for ways to share the good news.





Tyler Thompson—Contributor

Tyler is a Youth Minister and Assistant Director of Youth Ministry at St. Ignatius of Antioch Catholic Community in Antioch, TN. Tyler also leads a scripture study for the high school members. While also being involved in other ministries at his parish, he also works a desk job. Raised as a Catholic, he spends his time with the Word, learning and diving deeper and deeper into the faith it’s teaching.



Dylan Reichley—Contributor

Dylan is a theology and philosophy graduate from Marian University in Indianapolis. Dylan has experience as a freelance writer, offering ghostwriting services, and freely admits to being a philomath (lover of learning) and a bibliotaph (a hoarder of books). He is an avid fan of fantasy novels and audiobooks, and enjoys writing short stories and poetry in his free time.





Dylan Eilertson— Contributor

Dylan Eilertson is an Actuarial Technician in Des Moines, IA, and is constantly studying for his next accreditation exam. Raised in a Catholic household, he got involved with the Fellowship of Catholic University Students as an undergraduate at Drake University, and served as a Missionary with FOCUS for two years after graduating. In that time, Dylan led Bible studies, mission trips, and the occasional camping trip. He is a very active reader, rock-climber, and disc golfer, and aspires to Thomism. Dylan is also a certified pariah, having survived College and 2 years of missionary service without developing the taste for coffee, a crime for which he humbly begs forgiveness. Volo placere Deo in omnibus


Brody Stoltz— Contributor

Brody is a student at Manchester University in Indiana studying athletic training.  He has attended National Catholic Youth Conference and hopes to attend National Catholic Collegiate Conference too. Brody has participated in many mission trips including to Illinois, Ohio, and Tennessee twice. In his free time he enjoys going fishing, hunting, working on cars and trucks, and being outside in general.