A Change of Plans

READINGS: ACTS 16:11-15; JN 15:26—16:4A In our first reading today, the Apostle continues his missionary journey now into Europe. This was a change of plans for St Paul, because he was originally headed to Asia, but “the Spirit of Jesus did not allow” him. Jesus gave him a dream, and it was decided that God had a … Continue reading A Change of Plans

Suffering for Shalom

Readings: ACTS 14:19-28; PS 145:10-11, 12-13AB, 21; JN 14:27-31A A common greeting among Jews around the world today is “Shalom aleikhem” which in Hebrew means "peace be upon you.” The word Shalom is often translated into English as ‘peace’ but in reality, the word goes much deeper in meaning and refers to the way the … Continue reading Suffering for Shalom

Knowing Jesus as the Good Shepherd

READINGS: ACTS 11:19-26; PSALM 87:1B-3, 4-5, 6-7;  JOHN 10:22-30 In this story, Jesus celebrates the Feast of the Dedication, also known as Hanukkah. This holiday was a time that Jews celebrated their freedom from captivity and re-dedicated their temple after it had been desecrated. It is on this important day that some of the Jewish … Continue reading Knowing Jesus as the Good Shepherd