Reading 1:  Acts 18:23-28
Responsorial Psalm: Psalms 47:2-3, 8-9, 10
Gospel: John 16:23-28

Jesus tells us today in the Gospel that we must lift up our worries, questions and prayers to him. He reveals to us that our joy will only be complete if we ask for his guidance and seek him and the Father’s guiding presence in our lives. I like to think of this connection as a passageway with a grand door connecting the words, plans and teachings of God on one side and our soul on the other. It’s our job to always keep this doorway to the heavenly father in our eyesight so that he can radiate his joy, truth and grace into our daily lives. But this certainly be tricky! As we endure days of challenge, sadness and temptation, and give in to sin and anger the door can start to look smaller and smaller, and sometimes the door looks likes its nearly gone. On these days we fail to recognize God’s never ending presence both on heaven and in his beautiful creation on this earth. But this minuscule door is just an illusion to our human condition. As Jesus says today in the Gospel of John if we reach out to the Father in Christ’s name he will respond in his own way of Wisdom, allowing us to once again view the doorway in all its grandeur.

On this Saturday remember to reach for the Lord’s will in all that you do. Keep your eyes towards the passageway leading to heaven and God’s plan for our lives, so that on this you can willingly open your life to his will and his way. God the Father is always listening, always ready to receive us with open arms as he did with his son. Some days God’s plan doesn’t seem to work in unison with our plan, but as Christ did in his dying on the cross, we must trust in the Lord and know that his way always leads to a life of truer joy.

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