ACTS 17:15, 22—18:1

PS 148:1-2, 11-12, 13, 14

JN 16:12-15

In our society, there are strong questions that shake faith in religion. People question how churches can be godly if they bring about such judgement and sin. I have felt the effects of this worry, finding myself questioning a lot about Christian religion as a whole.

But in today’s readings we see that these fears are not ours alone. Paul faces a crowd of people that reject his message of a resurrected man who judges us at our death. They are unable to accept something that they cannot prove or see. We can imagine that this made the message of judgement appear bitter and unfair. The crowd failed to believe in the fundamental sign from God, his Son, and therefore Paul’s entire message was quickly rejected.

This rings true in my own questioning. When I miss out on Jesus, and am lacking faith in his person, I find it easy to reject his message. Without Jesus in the center of my life, I question the church with doubt, and look for signs to support my suspicions. But if I were to take faith in Jesus, what would he show me about the Church?

Jesus says that the Spirit of truth will come, speaking what he hears, and teaching us the truth.

As we face the temptations to distrust our church or judge our fellow churchgoers, we must keep Jesus’ words at heart. The Spirit of truth is with us, and is glorifying Jesus. This means that where we see Jesus glorified, truth follows.

This is true in our church. And it is true in our lives.

Let us glorify Jesus, so that we may hear what his Spirit has to say.

“For we, too, are his offspring.”


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