Reading 1: First Corinthians 15:1-8
Responsorial Psalm: Psalms 19:2-3, 4-5
Gospel: John 14:6-14

Today’s gospel is a short narrative by Jesus explaining his complex oneness with the one true God and that our purpose in life should exclusively be following the way of Christ to reach the father. For many, verse six alone allows them to recall the beginning of this Chapter, when Christ says, “I am the Way; I am Truth and Life. No one can come to the Father except through me”. This reading offers a glimpse into the conversational teaching that Jesus did with his apostles, and gives us a realistic view that they too struggled with understanding his message at times. In this passage Jesus reveals so much about himself, God and the divine oneness of the two, along with furthering our understanding of the divine mystery of our faith’s intertwined connectivity to God and his purpose for us.

Instead of us expecting to understand the bigger picture, fully as humans, like Phillip did, it’s probably best to go over what ways we can integrate this gospel into our lives and to accept that some things will always be a mystery to our human mind. So here are two very unique points that you can ponder separately or one at a time, as take-aways from Christ’s words in this gospel.

  1. Remember daily that no one can come to God except through Jesus, because he is the truth and the life. This means Jesus is a testament to how our lives should look. We can assume we are called to be be believers of God the father, and the graces he bestows to us as our creator, as well as live with a heart of love and conviction for good, inspired through prayerful connection to Christ in heaven. Simply put we are called to rely on God, and through that use trust in him to make us a better more loving piece of God’s creation.
  2. The other way to reflect on this is to look at the true beauty of the introduction of the trinity. While the Holy Spirit is yet to be referenced Jesus is bringing about his true identity as both man and human. As we all know there are three parts to that trinity and looking at the three-in-one is complex but imperative for understanding the beauty of God’s always constant message to us. Jesus Christ, while also still one with the Father and the Spirit, was the living sacrifice, and was also the one true example for how we should have faith in God, hope in his mercy and love for his creation. And yet still that wasn’t where Jesus’ mission ends because to this day in his oneness with God he is always waiting and listening for our prayers and intentions. Let us not forget that we call upon him and always know that he is present in his love and desire for us to one day join him in heaven.

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