ACTS 8:1B-8

PS 66:1-3A, 4-5, 6-7A

JN 6:35-40

The human body has many defenses against death. As we lose nutrients, we grow hungry and feel desires to eat. As we grow thirsty, our mouth dries and we devote all attention to finding drink.

Jesus, in talking to the crowds, says He is the bread that will remove all hunger. What hunger is he talking about? I often glance over this question because I assume I know the answer. And I do. I know that the hunger is spiritual hunger. But I fail to name the actual hungers in my current life.

So what hunger do we have? What does Jesus come to feed?

The easiest way I can see my hunger is when I am hungry. Like when I have to make a decision about my life career but there is no good option. When my friend is testing my patience and I see no motivation to forgive him. When I feel unwanted because the people I ate lunch with did not welcome me. When I hear sad, evil statements about the world, devoid of hope, and all I want to do is show them that God is the answer they seek.

When I am hungry, I am drowning in the sea of pain, darkness, envy, doubt, shame, loneliness, despair. I want things to be different.

But, off to the side, God waits to throw me the life raft. He offers me Jesus as my savior, my bread of life. But in order to be save, I must have faith in Jesus as a true life raft, a true bread.

I must place my life in His hands, by letting Him place His life in me.


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